Best Note Pad Apps For Android With Insane Features

One of the many benefits of the smartphone is its ability to take notes. Your smartphone is on almost all the time. This makes it a great place to put your moments of inspiration. Or a good place to put what you need to get milk in the store. Anyway, it’s a good place to take notes, that’s what we say. Obviously, you will need the right application for this job, so check out the best app for taking notes on Android!

1. ColorNote:

Color Note is a complete note taking application for Android. You do not have to sign in to the app, but you should if you want to sync your notes and save them online. When you open the app for the first time, you will be taken through a tutorial , that can be avoided but really useful. If you complete a list of notes , pressing the back button will automatically save. You can set a specific time or date for the reference note. You can pin notes in the status bar if you are the forgetful kind.

2. Evernote:

Evernote must be register using your email or Google Account. You can set your fingerprint lock to secure your notes. This allows you to take notes in various formats such as text, links, signature, photos, audio, etc. The application is multi-platform, your notes will be synchronized on all devices. Setting a reminder or creating a checklist or event is easy . If you need more features, you can find some tips and tricks on the website. In addition, Evernote supports home screen widgets for quick access to your notes.

3. ClevNote:

ClevNote is the best Android notes app to help you in your daily life. This is different because of the unique interface and useful features and other specification applications. In addition to taking simple notes, you can do a lot of things. ClevNote helps you organize and store bank account information. You can then easily copy your account by copying it to your clipboard. Preparing a grocery list or any other list is easy and convenient. Help to remember the birthday with more tips and announcements. Its’s “Website ID” feature allows you to store auser name and URL to view multiple websites that you have registered.

4. Google Keep:

Using Google Keep, you can take notes on different forms, such as text, image, handwriting, or voice memo. The simplicity of the application is ideal for everyone. You can rank the notes by work, personal or your tastes. Set your reminder based on your time or location (your GPS will be enabled). Reminders will appear on all your notifications on your connected devices using your Google Account. Therefore, it is unlikely that you can not lose it. Write your note and it will sync with your Google Account so you do not worry about losing it. By providing a color code for each note, you can easily find tips and organize them.

5. OneNote:

OneNote is another powerful Android reference tool from Microsoft. You need a free Microsoft account to use this application. It asks you to sign in with your email ID, phone number, or Skype name. You can create notes by text, signature, drawing or clips from the web. In addition, you can use lists of label notes or to-do list , and everything in the app is beautifully organized.

Note pads are really helpful for people of all age group. A note pad is a must have app in every smartphone. Though many devices come with in-built note pad app, they are not as effective as these app listed in this article.Hope this article is useful for all. Which is your favorite Note Pad app. Answer in the Comments.