Best Face Recognition App For Boys and Girls

Best Face Recognition App

Guess what!!!… Smartphones have now become the most important part of our day to day life. Starting form the time we woke up and till you fall asleep we all will use our mobile phones. Apart from all the fun activities, we do in it, there is a lot of people use it in an efficient way. We use Smartphone for everything, which includes financial transactions, confidential and personal database, and much more. In such a case the Security performance is one of the most important parts we have to consider.

1. FaceLock:

Face recognition is not new, but your Facelock app is a free app that protects your other app using your face. Your very secret files and applications can be unlocked by the Facelock app .
After installing the application, it navigate you to the main menu offers options to customize the application’s performance, by which means you give instructions.

To activate the Facelock function, simply click on the “Enable Facelock” option. Whenever someone tries to access the applications controlled by the app, It locks them down if it senses an intruder
There is a free version and a paid version of Facelock app.

2. True Key:

True Key by The Intel Security Performance Key allows you to access apps by facial recognition instead of entering long passwords . If it does not recognize your face, it will ask you for a biometric fingerprint for further access.

Once you are connected to the True key app favorite method, your device will trust you.

3. FindFace:

FindFace identifies with 70% accuracy and reliability. If you take a picture of a stranger, you can find out who the person is through social network . Now it works with the famous Russian social network VK.
FindFace is mainly used for identification, verification and documentation. It can search 250 million faces in 0.3 seconds. It maintains this speed and its performance is an important criterion.

Thanks to the completed neural network, it has recently achieved 95% accuracy under certain circumstances. With a cross-platform API, you can run any web, mobile, or desktop application.

4. FaceVault:

It protects and works on iPhones, iPads and iPods. An application known as Facevault, which indicates the features face identification then allow any slide to share gesture of iOS devices.

FaceVault uses the front camera of your device to scan your face. Even if you wear makeup or glasses, your face can be easily detected.
If it can not detected your face, you can open the system code application in another mode.

5. Face Detection

The Face Detection Screen Lock is another high-security face detection screen lock application, an application for the privacy and security of your digital assets. The face detection app opens your phone once it finds your face. You can use the Face Detection screen lock to lock your personal application when locking the screen. If the face identity fails, there is also a password option.

Before locking your screen, you must train your phone to find your face. It’s a unique process. It prompts you to set your security to a low, medium, or high level. The next step is to enable or disable the screen option and set the password as desired.

6. Face Lock Screen

This app trains on your face, automatically recognizing you. You do not need technical skills, you can use it. Set your password and check the box to enable it on your lock screen.

7. AppLock face

This app locks any application that you want to keep private. This ensures y that only you can access your personal information.Your face is used as a biometric key to open your application.

And here are some of the Face detection apps which are useful for detecting faces and enhance security in your smart phones. Hope this helps you guys.