Best Signature Items Of Afk Arena

In this article, we have grouped a list of best signature items of AFK arena, followed by strong playing characters. As there are a lot of playable characters in this game, it will be really hard for the noobs to remember them quickly.

This article will help you to choose the best characters in afk arena to win against every battle and to learn their powers and ability.

S-Tier (Excellent)

Talene- This sign will make her strong each time when she turns into a phoenix. This will happen a couple of times in each battle, and her stats get to a new crazy high.

Twins- They’ll bring the amount of support and buffs to your team. It’s already much stronger, but when you use this signature item, they make a huge amount of buffing.

Ezizh- They already have insane power and can silence the whole team while battling. Their signature item makes his burning fire more dangerous as well.

Rowan- Their signature item will give you a lot of extra energy to your team and boost to make strong.

A-Tier (Good)

Ferael- This signature item is one of the strongest and simple items, that cripple the enemy team and helps you to solve the regenerating.

Eironn- It’s a hero that liked by many players because of its high viability. His signature will increase the effect of his freezing power by adding a debuff, with more time. So that makes them a deadly hero among players.

Saurus- Their signature item makes them so powerful by adding healing power when fully stacked. You’ll turn into a beast from Saurus, in a boss battle. Also, you team get healing when they take insane damage in the right team.

Orthros- it’s signature move reduces enemy hast, add freeze a lot and make him survive longer and durable.

Safiya- Her signature item boost her attack by up to 140% in a battle. so if you have a durable team and you can use her.

Nara- When first look at her signature, you’ll think that this won’t make a big boost. But in reality, she’ll become an automatic assassin to take of enemies very effectively.


These are list of best signature moves in Idle heroes. You can use them against your friends, enemies and while battling against the boss. If we missed any best signature item, mention them in the comment section.